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  1. 4 Best App Lockers for iOS to Lock Apps on your iPhone - Cydia Geeks

    • If you think adding a passcode to the lock screen isn’t enough, below are some of the best app lockers for iPhone to help you secure your applications.
    • I hope those app lockers or known as Cydia tweaks will help you password protects the internal features and apps on your iPhone.


  2. AppLocker iOS 10 – Lock iPhone, iPad Apps with Password

    • ModMyi is a recognized Cydia repo that contains a large number of Cydia apps and tweaks. AppLocker was paid application in earlier days of it’s launch, but now its completely free. AppLocker Features – How to Lock iPhone, iPad Apps.


  3. AppLocker Features – How to Lock iPhone, iPad Apps

    • At the moment, AppLocker is the best app to lock apps on iPhone or iPad. As its a Cydia tweak, so, it can be installed only on jailbroken iOS device. If you haven’t jailbroken your iOS device, you can use EvasiOn to jailbreak it.


  4. Jailbreak / Cydia Tweak List And Compatibility List | Install Cracked Applications

    • iPhone 5s Cydia Tweaks And Apps Compatibility List.
    • Eclair – Hide Open Apps When Locking iPhone ExtremeWiFi – Instantly Find Free WiFi Hotspots In Your Area EmojiEnabler Emoji Toggle eWiFi – Scan For Free or Secured WiFi Access Points and Connect Instantly For Internet Access...


  5. Manual Lock Iphone Apps Cydia

    • Lock screen Cydia tweaks: Top 5 best lock screen Cydia tweak for iPhone 6 lots of time to check individual apps process and live data by opening it manually. These Cydia tweaks are all iOS 8 compatible, they work on iOS 8.1.2 & lower.


  6. Must Have Cydia Password Lock Apps

    • What is a Cydia Password Lock App? These Password Lock apps are tweaks that can allow the user to protect their iPhone’s personal data from other people. Some of these Password Lock tweaks have the ability to lock down certain apps in your iPhone.


  7. Lock iPhone apps - How to Lock Applications on iPhone with LockDown

    • How to Password Protect / Lock Applications on iPhone with LockDown. by iPhoneHeat on Jul 20, 2009. As an iPhone owner, many of my fiends love to have a quick look at this
    • A free iPhone App: LockDown, available in Cydia has the ability to Password protect your desired application on iPhone.



    • - BioProtect is one of many applications that help improve safety on the iPhone, it was developed and released on the Cydia app store, so it is only for those who have
    • - Lock the application, folder lock (custom). - Key does not need to enter a code, simply select the application to be blocked is finished.


  9. 'AppLocker' Password Protects Your Individual iOS Apps

    • app locker locked me out. Can somebody help me please. i cannot restore my iphone right now. my iphone is not accepting my password
    • Ori…. I need u dude I’m locked outta setting and cydia along with every app I need help. If you never cared about a vivid everydasy cydia user now is the time to.


  10. Top 5 Lock Screen Replacements For iPhone Cydia Apps

    • Coming back to topic, we have compiled a list of top 5 lock screen replacements for your iPhone which give an altogether a new look, feel and spices up your iDevice.
    • Simple Steps To Jailbreak Your iPhone 4/4S/5/5S Running On iOS 7.0.X. Jellylock Cydia App.