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  1. Apple Watch 2 review: Battery | TechRadar | Can track around seven hours of running

    • The battery life on the Apple Watch 2 was far more impressive than expected. Where Apple has previously promised an 'all day' battery life, thanks to the need for a bigger power pack to run the GPS chip the whole unit now is a lot more power-efficient.


  2. Apple Watch Series 2 post-review tidbits: watchOS 3.1 battery life, GPS navigation, water resistance & more | 9to5Mac

    • A few days after my initial review, watchOS 3.1 was released as a developer beta and I’ve been running the latest versions of it since then. We’re now on the third beta version of the software update and I can report that I’m experiencing the best battery life on Apple Watch I’ve ever had.


  3. Apple Watch 2 review: Running | TechRadar | Battery life is much stronger than anticipated

    • We took the Apple Watch 2 on a run to see how its battery got on.
    • The GPS accuracy is generally good (although the Nike+ version is less impressive), the battery life is stronger than expected, and the user interface is clean and usable.


  4. Apple Watch Series 2 review (as written by a marathoner)

    • When the first Apple Watch came out, I was unable to write Engadget's official review because I was on "vacation," running the Paris Marathon.
    • The battery life here is at least decent. Apple says the watch can last through five hours of continuous GPS activity.


  5. Apple Watch Series 2 review | Apple Watch Series 2: Battery life

    • Battery life on the original Apple Watch wasn't great. It would get you a day and that was your lot.
    • So, between the new Apple Watch 2, and TomTom Spark 3 - which is the better watch for runners? For me, I would like to run WITHOUT my phone, listen to music, and get accurate HR readings.


  6. 12 easy ways to improve the Apple Watch's battery life

    • Even worse, it sucks battery life. Read this: The best Apple Watch straps. You can reduce these issues by customizing how the Watch mirrors those core iPhone apps in the My Watch pane of the
    • Top fitness tracker. Hot VR headsets. GPS running watches. Heart rate monitors. Sleep trackers.


  7. Apple Watch 2 or Suunto Spartan for running and hiking - GPS and Battery Life

    Apple and Suunto recently announced their new smartwatches - the Apple Watch Series 2 and the Suunto Spartan HR. As I use my watch mainly for running and hiking I am interested in a watch which is water resistant and offer a long battery life.


  8. Apple Watch review: Battery life and clever charging | TechRadar

    • I'll put it simply: I think Apple deliberately downplayed the battery life of its Watch to make sure it didn't get hit with angry users should the numbers not stack up. I've had days where I've been for a couple of hours' run and it's still easily lasted the day...


  9. Apple Watch battery life: 8 power saving tips! | iMore

    • Yet battery life remains the single greatest constraint in mobile. It's the currency you use to pay for every pixel and every bit. If you're running low on
    • Note: We don't have generations of experience with Apple Watch battery life to base these suggestions on, like we do with iPhones and iPads.


  10. How to make your Apple Watch battery last longer

    • For some heavy Apple Watch users constantly checking their wrists, Apple's wearable device may not quite provide the 18-hour battery life the company advertises.
    • Want to find out if your Apple Watch is running the latest firmware?