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  1. How to jailbreak Apple TV 2 iOS 5.3 Untethered - YouTube

    Description: How to perform an untethered jailbreak on the Apple TV 2nd generation set top box running 5.3 firmware. This jailbreak uses Seas0nPass.


  2. Now, if you have an Apple TV 2nd generation and want to jailbreak it, here is how you can do it

    • One of first things you need to know if you want to jailbreak apple tv is that you need to have the right model. If you do, then jailbreaking it is very simple. For instance, if you have the first generation Apple TV, you can jailbreak it by using Rowmote.


  3. How To Jailbreak Your 2nd Generation Apple TV For Extra Functionality

    • By jailbreaking your Apple TV you won’t lose any existing functionalities but ensure you will get more additional options and thanks to some third party tools this process is quite simple and in this tutorial we will show you how to jailbreak your 2nd Generation Apple TV.


  4. How To Jailbreak Your Apple TV 2

    • Apple TV (2nd Generation)
    • Micro USB cable
    • This reaffirms the jailbreak was successful. After jailbreaking your Apple TV you can add extra...


  5. Can't Restore Apple TV 2nd Generation - JailbreakQA

    • Hey guys, I got my Apple TV2 two weeks ago and jailbroke it with SeasonPass on a friends mac.
    • You can use Cydia Impactor if you need to un-jailbreak an 8.1-8.4 device without restoring. Instructions for jailbreaking iOS 8.0-8.4.


  6. UPDATED* Jailbreak Apple TV 2nd Gen - 4.4.4 9A406a iOS 5.0.1 - Spoonjab

    • How to Jailbreak Apple TV 2nd Gen as of 3/17/12. I will rewrite the original instructions because they were a little vague to me.
    • The video starts half-way through because the 1st half is a broken method for jailbreaking Apple TV 2, but the XBMC bit is still valid (thanks ifibashir)


  7. Seas0nPass 0.9.7 released for Apple TV 2 software 6.2.1 (iOS 7.1.2): How to jailbreak

    • The tool can be used to jailbreak Apple TV (2nd generation or ATV2 ) running the latest software 6.2.1 which is iOS 7.1.2. Bad luck for those who were anticipating an untethered update, as FireCore's current release is a tethered version.


  8. Jailbreaking | Firecore | Current Apple TV version (released September 17, 2014)

    • Full details on jailbreaking the Apple TV 2 with Seas0nPass can be found here.
    • Jailbreaking. Hello, When I try to jailbreak my Apple with a Seas0nPass older version I get these error (5 first attachments).


  9. Jailbreaking 101 - Seas0nPass – Firecore | Seas0nPass provides an UN-TETHERED jailbreak of the 2nd gen Apple TV running the 5.3 software.

    • The 3rd gen Apple TV is not yet supported.
    • Even though Seas0nPass is provided at no cost, countless hours have gone into making it the simplest and most reliable jailbreak tool for the Apple TV.


  10. Manually Update Ipod Touch Software 2nd

    • Some new designs and How To: Jailbreak the iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad/Apple TV 2G Running iOS 4.3.3! Jailbreaking your iPod Touch will allow you to tweak your device to suit
    • 2nd gen jailbreak 4.3 3. The iPod Touch (2nd generation) and iPhone 3G have iOS 4.2.1 as the final version available.