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  1. Apple increases app size limit from 2GB to 4GB for App Store submissions | 9to5Mac

    Apple today announced that it is increasing the size limit for apps submitted by developers to the App Store through its iTunes Connect service. Previously limited to 2GB, app packages can now be a maximum of 4GB in size.


  2. Apple Officially Increases App Store Download Size Limit from 2GB to 4GB | TouchArcade

    • As our sister site MacRumors notes, Apple today has officially upped the size limit of App Store downloads, doubling the limit from 2GB to 4GB. This, in Apple's own words per the announcement on their developer portal...


  3. app store - Max size of an iOS application - Stack Overflow

    • Maximum Iphone Application size that apple store allows. 1. What should be the limit of an IPA file size for successfully review on apple store? 1.
    • Installed App Sizes Vs Appstore app sizes.


  4. Apple increases size limit of App Store downloads to 4GB

    • Apple on Thursday announced that the size limit of application packages submitted through iTunes Connect can now be as large as 4 gigabytes, doubling the previous 2-gigabyte restriction. The update allows developers to use more media in their App Store submissions and provide a more complete...


  5. Apple Store Size Limit Increase From 2GB To 4GB

    • As it became known Apple Store size limit increased to 4 GB. Till recent time the app size limit for an app has been 2GB, so some developers may have had to make tough choices to make sure their apps fit the requirements.


  6. Apple increases App size limit

    • If you have not heard already, apple has updated the maximum size that apps/Binaries can be on the app store from 2gb to 4gb as of Feb 12th. The 2gb limit has been in place since the beginning so this marks the first ever increase for the App Store.


  7. Apple just made the App Store twice as powerful – BGR

    • On Thursday, Apple announced that it has officially doubled the size limit for apps uploaded to the App Store from 2GB to 4GB. This means that in the coming weeks and months, developers are going to be able to release far more complex and expansive apps.


  8. You can now download App Store apps up to 100MB each over cellular

    • You may recall the App Store had originally debuted with a per-app limitation of a measly ten megabytes. Apple then raised the ceiling to
    • The only reason I could think of for doubling the limit is that app binaries are about to increase in size, probably due to the combined 32-bit and 64-bit code.


  9. Apple boosts tvOS app size limit to 4GB

    • Apple on Thursday announced a change in App Store policy which increases the size limit of tvOS app bundles from 200 megabytes to 4 gigabytes, a boost that should provide a better end user experience upon initial installation.


  10. Maximum size of an Apple TV app limited to 200MB, apps must store all data in iCloud

    • This means that assets like new levels and worlds will be retrieved on demand from the App Store, indicating Apple is positioning its new box as a casual gaming device for your living room rather than a full-on gaming console.